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The author of that song posts on here alot! His name is Thomas "Jazzou" Jones.

Yes, I remember that night well...remember me steering her in the upper harbour? She is a hell of a handler! Some say she wanders...but the experience I have with her, she is a really good handler and responds (well underway) almost as good as a car on the road!

I have always liked that Frisbee calliope on her. The tonal quality is so good for an air-operated calliope. Admittedly it needs some work...but always sounds good to me!

Here I am playing PA DENNY on the PA DENNY calliope!
YouTube - Calliope on M/V PA DENNY

Here is another DENNY calliope selection from that night
YouTube - Calliope aboard M/V PA DENNY part 2

and finally the last of them
YouTube - Calliope aboard M/V PA DENNY part 3

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