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Default DQ under own power now

Yes, you are correct Bubba. She has a skeleton crew aboard to operate her, and to serve a couple of meals to the AQ pax I think. Her COI is good until April, but for 49 or fewer pax, due to the lack of an exemption. Word was that they also got some sort of excursion permit for up to 350 pax for a couple of hours at a time on this trip...

Regarding the complaints about the generators from the AQ pax, in fairness to them, they are NOT part of the charter group, but regular AQ passengers on board for the first time. They are friends of someone on .org, can't remember who, and told them by phone of the noise and being blocked by the DQ on their deck. Now, we wouldn't mind seeing the old girl right next to us, but please think how someone unfamiliar with her or her history, and paying big bucks to ride a steamboat might feel with this noise and docking arrangement.. cut them a little slack please. Of course, Majestic America Line did not tell them of this circumstance upon booking, either....
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