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Keith, very nice description, leaves a beautiful vision. Boy, did Deb and I want to be there, but ya know...

We got a few wonderful phone calls from Pat Traynor the past couple of days. It's a very hard to hear the words as it is extremely obvious that both the passengers and the townfolk in the background are being as enthusiastic as possible, but you can get the gist. Yesterday, Pat called as the DQ was leaving Henderson, and between the whistle, the bell and everybody yelling back and forth Thank You's, to and from shore, you can feel the love through the cell phone. Pat held up the phone in what I envisioned as the Forward Cabin Lounge and everybody screamed HI DEBBIE AND BRUNO, and then the phone was passed around. Obviously in addition to Pat, I got the pleasure of talking to Joanne Williams(who last I heard was not going to be on board and I mistook her for JoAnne Schoen, gotta e-mail her with an apology), Suzanne Martinez who advised me that big boys DO INDEED cry and Deb and I should really be there, that emotion shouldn't be a part of this, Barb Hameister, Dave Dewey, who I told was famous again with pictures on and being a non-employee how was he allowed on the roof?, and his wife Linda. I hope I haven't missed anybody that I talked to. Then Pat followed Capt. Gabe up to the calliope for a listen to wonderfully long concert (which I sang along to, "cruising down the river on a Sunday afternoon..."). With the concert over she put Capt. Gabe on the phone who also advised that Deb and I should really be there but that he understood as he was also having a very hard time with emotions just like us. Asked Pat if she saw Bill Wiemuth to thank him for the wonderful choice of words for his interviews on TV, to which she handed the phone to him and I thanked him in person. He hadn't heard the CNN cell phone interview and I told him it sounded great, especially the phrases "we are the curators of history" and "we aren't asking Congress for a single dime, just permission"...

I was surprised, very surprised at how good THE whistle and the calliope sounded over a cell phone. Though it was hard to understand conversation, the whistle and the calliope were quite clear and, what is the word?, recognizable. Even 1000 miles away, through the ether, the whistle raised the hair on my arm, just like it does when I'm standing on the Sun deck forward, basso profundo indeed. Just to close my eyes and absorb it, and I don't know who was blowing it, probably Findley, but thank you for blowing it every few minutes! I don't get the significance of a long and THREE shorts, though, gotta Google and see about that. And it was very cool to hear car horns on shore and the Legendary One return the salute.

The two TV interviews made me misty, very! As you say Keith, I have lost it many times, ever since the first "save the Delta Queen" videos came out on YouTube, and then there is the time we got off the first one this year in July. I find that I'm so sad and so angry at the same time, sometimes it's very hard to deal with. Deb keeps asking me why I'm so distant lately...she knows why, she just wants to force me to talk about it...

But I still have hope!

The phone call from Pat didn't make me sad at all, I was afraid it would, as did she. It just made me feel warm inside.
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