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Thank you for posting those pics of the MISSISSIPPI QUEEN. She looks very good in your pictures from the stern. It is amazing how well she had held up to that time, at least in her external look. However, eagle-eyed spotters will notice she does not have her pitman arms attached. As well her wheel is not trimmed, just painted red. I wonder if her wheel has been rolled in the last 24 months? If not, is there any bucket board left under the water? Her railings are missing in the Calliope Bar. Upon close inspection you will see clearly she is in peril in this picture.

Today she looks much the same from a distance. However, close up she is almost scary. The black mold on the interior is growing down from the ceiling on every stantion. Rust is running down her superstructure. Former bright red and yellow paint have a chalky faded appearance. The stage is missing off the bow. Her stacks folded and rusted.

Lets hope these rumors are wrong and she comes back to the rivers where she belongs. Things sure look bleak at the moment....but, they can change!

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