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Originally Posted by Travis Vasconcelos View Post
Many wags have said she wasn't the prettiest steamboat or even the best laid out. I can say as a former crew member, the MISSISSIPPI QUEEN was a great boat!
Hi Trav,

I have to echo your sentiments about the MQ. Having worked the AQ, DQ and the EON, I too approached the MQ with some trepidation based on what I had heard about her. And yes, she did present some challenges, but in thinking about it, the AQ and DQ also are not perfect from a crew standpoint.

Sorry folks, I'm talking strictly from a crew standpoint here. While I came to love the Mother Ship as much as the rest of you, I really missed having my own bathroom on the DQ.

The Magnificent One is bigger than the DQ, but she is chock full of small spaces and being a big fan of nooks and crannies I found that appealing. The Antlers Bar is a cozy place to hang out and have a beverage, for instance. The front lobby area is nice, sunny and quiet and affords a cozy, peaceful place to watch the river out the forward windows without the hub bub of the Front Porch of America.

I could, however, have done without the tiny entertainment office, having developed strained neck muscles from trying to do the Steamboatin' Times in a contorted position.

The thing is, though, it's not so much the boat, but the people, crew and pax. We all hung together in much the same manner as the DQ. I can't explain it. Maybe it's because so many of us were on the "extended" rotation in 2006, but there was a cohesion that developed and added to her special charm.

2006 was a tough year for the MQ and I was looking forward to taking her back out in 2007, refurbished and with a chance to prove again to the steamboatin' world that she has class and her own unique style.

But they didn't give us a chance to do that.

So, Save the Legendary Delta Queen,
Hail the Grand American Queen and
Long live the Magnificent Mississippi Queen - in our hearts if not on the river.

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