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Hey all!

I wanted to post a few pics here for us to take a moment to remember the MISSISIPPI QUEEN by.

Many wags have said she wasn't the prettiest steamboat or even the best laid out. I can say as a former crew member, the MISSISSIPPI QUEEN was a great boa! She had a look all to her own and she attracted thousands of regular passengers. The DELTA QUEEN made the business for the former owners and the MISSISSIPPI QUEEN made alot of the money to keep the family going. So much so that one owner went for broke and built the AMERICAN QUEEN...not to mention the other boats.

Say what you will about the MISSISSIPPI QUEEN...but the two years I worked on her proved that steamboat fans supported her and learned the ropes of being a steamboat fan from her. She was my second favourite boat to work on in the fleet. I take great pride in the work I did on her and the experience to hone my skills on her decks. for with out her I would have never had the great career or experience I did aboard the DELTA QUEEN.

My hopes these rumors are not true and some day we get the family back together again on the Mississippi River system where they belong!

Yesterday I said good bye for now to the DELTA QUEEN and that was emotional as hell. Today I hear this and can only hope my prayers, letters, and support are not for naught....for things look pretty bleak from my prospective.


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