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Odd this question comes up today. I have just read on another list I belong to and need to make perfectly clear that this is, as of now, an UNVERIFIED rumor, that purports that the now stripped MQ will 'soon' be towed upriver and cut down into a barge. The person posting this also says that this is from a 'very reliable source' whatever this means in the internet age.

I have heard repeatedly that the damage done to the MQ with this ill-conceived and unfinished refit will cost many many tens of millions of dollars to correct and that, not surprising in this climate, that there is now a huge and ever-growing problem with mold. Sadly, given health concerns, I would venture that just eradicating the mold would be prohibitive to any future buyer.

Even if the cutting down to a barge part is not true, the current condition of the MQ epitomizes all that I have come to, and let me find the right word here, HATE about Ambassadors International and their stewardship: They are CARELESS, stupid and inept. All MQ really needed was a refurbishment since she was full 'as is' with many loyal repeat customers. The crazy idea that she needed to be rebuilt into some kind of luxury vessel was nuts from day one.

When the pathetic obituary of Ambassadors International cruise venture is written, look at the scorecard. . .

-AQ laid up despite overall good bookings, sale of her is harder since few investors want to buy something with no business (future bookings) on the books.

-DQ, exemption failed since company never cared and did not even really try

-MQ destroyed, possibly never to run again.

And, in perfect current fashion, the CEO gets a bonus.

With astonishment at this trail of destruction,

John Reid
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