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Default The Mississippi Queen-the forgotten one...

Gotta huge question. Some of us saw the painful, ugly pictures after the Mississippi Queen was 'lightened', after the contactor removed many of her inside staterooms. I had also heard that the firm contracted to make the Mississippi Queen into THE flagship, ripping out 1/4 of these staterooms to make the remaining staterooms uber luxury, walked off the job, just as demolition was nearing completion, due to lack of payment due after performing this portion of the contract.

Now, since then the Mississippi Queen has sat there very forlorn, for a long, long time, consuming electricity and running up dock fees... is it too much of a stretch to imagine she has a 24 hour watchman, too?

So is there a lien presently on the Mississippi Queen? Lien to pay the contractor PLUS to pay the docking fees?

We've always like the Miss Cue and hope nothing but the best for her... but it does seem kinda like she's beyond hope now? Speaking of hope, I pray that I'm wrong...
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