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Default Hines Zephyr, Shirley and Capt Jack Ray

Steve, it makes me mighty happy to see you publish another great calendar highlighting sternwheelers of times gone by. This new calendar sure brings back memories. I literally grew up around and on the old " Hines Zephyr". I recognize the majority of the crew that is visible in the picture and they were all great old time rivermen. Ironic that another Hine's boat is also on this calendar-- The "Shirley" was owned by Hines also for a short period of time I have been told ---but traded for a larger boat that better fit their needs --the "John J. Kelly".
Capt Jack Ray was a dear friend to me as a young boy, as a matter of fact he took me on the boats on my first overnighter without my parents. It delights me to see his picture published. The pictures sure brings back pleasant memories of a time gone by. It also has made me happy to finally chat with a gentleman who I only knew by name--Ed Ray,the son of Capt Jack. Thank you for unknowingly putting that meeting together after so many years!
Steve thanks also for the taking the time and effort for publishing a great Sternwheeler calendar---There will certainly be some bought for Christmas gifts and one for myself. I know for a fact it is a labor of love on you and your wifes part in compiling and publishing such a treasure.

Barry Griffith
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