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In honor of the IDLEWILD's launch on October 18, 1914 at the James Rees and Sons yard on the Allegheny at Pittsburgh, attached below are the original Rees' concept drawing for the as-yet unnamed steamer for the West Memphis Packet Company, and two shots of work on the boat following her launching. As Alan Bates so often comments, there's many a "slip" between the drawing board and the boat that actually comes out of the boatyard. Take a good look at the profile view and you can count a handful of alterations in the design when the boat was finally completed. And of course, those changes continue to be made throughout the life of the boat as well! Her departure from Pittsburgh was delayed by ice until January 8, 1915. She ran the Falls of the Ohio at Louisville on her delivery trip, and arrrived at Memphis on January 17, 1915. There she remained in day packet, ferry, and excursion service until the fall of 1927 when she was operated unsuccessfully for a very short spell as a local excursion boat in New Orleans. In 1928 she moved to St. Louis, and continued her career as a towboat, packet, and excursion boat on the Mississippi, Ohio, Illinois, and Missouri Rivers for the New St. Louis and Calhoun Packet Corp. of Hardin, Illinois. Years as the AVALON and finally BELLE OF LOUSIVILLE would follow, until today she survives as the Gem in Louisville's river crown!
Attached Thumbnails
Str. Belle of Louisville Christening Anniversary-rees-drawing.jpg   Str. Belle of Louisville Christening Anniversary-idlewild-pbgh-late-1914.jpg   Str. Belle of Louisville Christening Anniversary-idlewild-pbgh2.jpg  

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