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Thanks for sharing those memories Dave! I always enjoyed hearing Capt. Fred Way tell of seeing the brand new steamer IDLEWILD pass his hometown of Sewickley, PA in early 1915 on her delivery trip en route from Pittsburgh to her owners at Memphis. I was with him on the Louisville wharf on steamboat race day in 1992 when the Belle's whistle blew. Capt. Fred thoughtfully listened, smiled and said that the whistle sounded "just the same" as it did when he first heard it as a lad standing on the river bank some 77 years earlier.

2008 marks the 40th anniversary of the publication of Alan's Western Rivers Steamboat Cyclopedium which to me, at age 14, was like catnip. I regarded it as THE answer book to all my questions about steamboats and I pored over it every night when I should have been doing my algebra homework! A generous gift from Alan, I have in my collection the portfolio of notes, correspondence and other ephemera concerning the publication of that wonderful tome. Along with it, and courtesy of Miss Rita, came a large rolling pin, found in the galley of the Str. AVALON when she was being rejuvenated to become the BELLE OF LOUISVILLE!
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