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Right you are, Keith! And this coming Saturday marks the 94th anniversary of the IDLEWILD's christening at Pittsburgh. It was back on June 21, 1967, that I first laid eyes again on the AVALON, when my parents and I made our inaugural visit to Louisville. And it was on that trip that I fulfilled a lifelong ambition of actually riding the boat on a moonlite! My parents would never allow me to ride the AVALON at night when she was at Dubuque. We were met at the boat and escorted aboard that day by Alan Bates, who took us up to the roof and played a pre-departure concert on the calliope. Alan, Capt. Brasher and Capt. Paul Underwood all autographed my copy of Alan's book about the BELLE, and I was also privileged to be allowed to look through Alan's type-written original manuscript for his soon-to-be published Western Rivers Steamboat Cyclopedium. After the trip, he joined us for a delicious meal at Hasenour's German restaurant in town. I guess the place isn't in business any longer. Since that trip over 40 years ago, Louisville has held a special place in my heart, right along with some very special people there and one beautiful old steamboat!
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