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Indeed, Ralph Du Pae was a unique individual who enriched our lives by having known him. Many of us had the privilege and pleasure of knowing Ralph for many years, sharing the excitement of his "finds" of river pictures which he "excavated" from all over the country for nearly four decades. You never knew when Ralph would ring your doorbell and be standing there with boxes of steamboat pictures! For every photo that Ralph copied from a collection, the lender was the recipient of either a negative of the borrowed image or another photo of your choice. At river meetings and elsewhere, Ralph's car was always loaded FULL of pictures which he sold at almost giveaway prices to appreciative collectors. My filing cabinets are loaded with photographs I otherwise wouldn't have if not for Ralph. After he retired and had to cease traveling due to health issues, Ralph said he knew of many more steamboat pictures "still out there", but he simply ran out of time and energy. He was 83 years old and a U.S. Navy veteran of WW II.

A long whistle salute to you Ralph, with much gratitude for your longtime friendship, generosity and especially for the phenomenal work you did in preserving river history. Steamboat enthusiasts, historians, researchers and museum curators are forever in your debt.

Photos herewith: (1) Jeff Spear, Ralph and Keith at the 1986 S&D meeting - note the picture box! (2) Bert Fenn and Ralph at the 1989 S&D meeting. Ralph loved his specially made (by his daughter) sweatshirt featuring the Str. GRAND REPUBLIC, but bearing the name R.R. Du PAE. (3) 50th wedding anniversary celebration invitation for Ralph and Kathleen Du Pae aboard the Str. JULIA BELLE SWAIN on August 16, 1998. Ralph was an engineer for Northern Engraving Corporation for 48 years and the invitations were on metal. The reverse side bears a color image of the JULIA BELLE -- and there was a separate boarding pass, also in metal, featuring a photo of the JBS in moonlight.
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