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Actually, not positive if you are referring directly to me, but I wasn't bashing anybody, I try very hard not to bash anybody or anything on this forum anymore as I know its verbotten. Nor was it my intent to stir up the forum pot. There are other places to look if people want to see my rants....

My intent is that there is another side to the equation, mainly the Senate, and we have just as big a problem in that 'other' house. In all my talks on the DQ about this issue, most passengers were painfully aware that James Oberstar was the heart of the problem. Almost nobody knew that Daniel Inouye is also just as much a problem, he has just been quieter about it. I wonder how many of our forum members and lurkers know about Inouye's connection to the exemption? That was my point, to make the 'uninitiated' aware...

I'm thinking that Jim meant no harm, but the title of the thread is misleading/shocking at first glance. Isn't it such that the exemption bill will never truly be 'dead'?

My apologies for the 'fossilized old dinosaur" statement, though that is my opinion of the two gentlemen, and I'm being charitable.

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