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Michael: Every publication, painting, etc. needs to have at least one error in it so there will be "something" for everybody, including those nitpicking people who are continuously looking for something wrong! With today being the anniversary of the departure of the ill fated trip of the Str. GOLDEN EAGLE, I'd like to compliment you on your wonderful rendering of the boat upbound at the Eads Bridge as she departed on the famous trip to St. Paul in 1939. Many dear and departed St. Louis steamboat mentor friends such as Ruth Ferris, Jimmy Swift and Rudy Gerber were aboard for that momentous trip. The triple matted print hangs on my bedroom wall and is always pleasant to wake up to and think of those friends and the revered old steamboat GOLDEN EAGLE, with beloved Capt. Buck Leyhe as her master. Thanks again for doing that great picture!
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