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Dear Mike:
I wasn't aware of the debates over when the CITY OF LOUISVILLE was moved and when. I could search it out here as it 'may' have appeared in the river section of the local papers at that time. Remember, Mike, that was a long time ago and "They're all dead." Jim Allen and his wife have done a masterful job in restoring the Laidley mansion in Covington. They were kind in opening it for a group tour some years back and we were all WOWED at what we saw. After our tour they photographed us on the front steps.

When the last Laidley daughter died some of the contents were auctioned off over here in Cincinnati. It was something to behold and I was amazed at the sterling silver set of some 388 pieces + or - along with a huge cut glass cake bell that would have required strong arms to lift the top. Shipyard Sam knows a lot more than I do on the final disposition of the Laidley materials. I'm glad your painting graces the mansion. Now if they will contract with John Fryant to do a scale model that will really put the icing on the cake.

R. Dale Flick
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