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I am lost on this one....however..lets examine the facts. You were gifted someone gave it to you to preserve, one can surmise. Having attended your fine presentation at the Howard Museum one could surmise as well it came from one of the Strecikfi. That would be too easy, and the school teacher in you wouldn't rest tonight if any of us got it that easy.

I have looked at a few pictures of Mary Greene and have tried to see if she were wearing such an item and in a few pictures she has either a broach on or something hanging about her neck...but nothing consistant through the pictures. So I am gonna rule her out.

It could be one of the ladies from the Leyhe family who ran the Eagle Packet Company. I just don't feel their family were around and prominant enough in the river fan circles to have passed this on this way. So I will move on from them.

I am gonna take a stab in the dark and go back to the Streckfus family only because of your predeliction towards collectibles form ther reign on the rivers and say it came from one of 4 people....

Either Sharon, Elizabeth, Lilly, or Donna Streckfus.

If I get this I will NOT accept the title of Jessica Fletcher of the Board...even thoughtit in retrospect sounded like something that character from theTV show Murder She Wrote would say!

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