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A telegram arrived at the shipyard office with confirmation, from the very highest of sources, that it is, indeed, Richard Steward in front kneeling next to Captain Bob Zang. The two fellows flanking Captain Jesse have a look of familiarity, but remember that when the photo was taken, I was still an entry-level Greene Line employee, in the 60s, so I was afforded little smooze-time with the legendary characters from on-high. Years later, even after the ink was dry on my steamboat license, my affiliation with many of those same gentlemen was kept and maintained on a professional level-- especially with Captain Wagner. Several times, lately, though, I have shocked myself after realizing that I had just referred to him simply as "Wagner", like I heard Captain Harry Louden often do. This is not a lapse into disrespect for my steamboat mentor, but as I get older, I may be approaching the age that the Skipper seems more a peer than a professor.

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