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Default DQ Legends

Sorry, but I can't do any better than coming up with the names that Shipyard already has identified. Yes, Capt. Doc Carr's last season on the DQ was 1968. I made a Cinci-Pbgh cruise in June that year, and I believe that was his last trip. Watchman Gabe did a short taped interview with Capt. Carr for me on that cruise. Wherever the boat is landed, her stage has not been swung around, so she could be at the wharfboat in Cinci, or landed at New Orleans. Don't know if H. Tate ever was aboard on the Ohio. Didn't he usually run up to Memphis or maybe St. Louis? But then, Albert Kelley only piloted on the Ohio, although he did ride to St. Paul in September 1968 with pilots Fehlig and Karnath, so that line of thinking might not hold water. Richard Stewart was no longer on the boat in '68, I believe. Capt. Jim Blum or Dale are probably the best chance at identifiying any others in the photo (at least until Doc gets on line.) My guess is that the person to Cap Wagner's left may not be a crew member because he's sporting a gift shop DQ cap, but again, that might not mean anything. I'll be watching the board for any further developments.
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