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Default Steamboat Legends

This pic is a doozy! There are truly many "steamboat legends" in that grouping.

First of all, is that Richard, second from the right, front row? (It's been a long time, and I'm guessing that it has been 1965 since I last saw Mr. Steward.) If so, then I worked with seven out of eleven of the legends; if not give me a six.

Front Row. L-R: Albert Kelly, Harry Hamilton, Howard Tate, Richard?, and Bob Zang.

Back Row. R-L: Ernie Wagner, ??, Doc Carr, ??, Jesse Hughes, and ??.

The two fellows framing Captain Jesse really look familiar, and I'll probably feel silly when I find out who they are. Dale, now that you are back, give us some enlightenment.

The photograph dates from about 1963 to 1968 is my take. Wasn't '68 the last year Captain Carr was on the DELTA QUEEN? In 1965, I left the QUEEN for four years in the Air Force, and when I returned in '70, much to my disappointment, Captain Carr was gone.
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