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Originally Posted by Alan Bates View Post
Surely I am not the first to think of this:

The SOLAS rules were passed because the U. S. Coasst Guard could not enforce its rules on ships with "flags of convenience". Instead, they had a law passed that forbade such ships from taking passengers from American ports, which they COULD enforce.

A simple declaration that the inland rivers are ports would solve this exemption problem, for American riverboats would then never leave port!

In fact, landings can be made on both shores the full length of these rivers; ergo, they are ALL PORT.

Alan, that's an astounding thought! Could it be that everyone has been overlooking such a simple and obvious solution to this problem all these years. Seems like this needs looking into ASAP!

Along another line - I've never been able to understand why no one ever tried to amend the wording of the SOLAS Law in the first place - the word that is fatal to the DQ is "domestic". I believe it reads something like "all ships both foreign and domestic" are included in this law. It's too bad it wasn't changed right in the beginning - or any time since - at a time when there was not a Garmatz or an Oberstar fighting it. Seems like that could have been a simple change, that would slip by, with no one noticing it. But as Dale says, 'what do I know"!
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