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I beleive you're referring to the Jones Act, or maybe it was the Passenger Shipping Act...created to protect American shipping unions. This is the same act that Norwegian Cruise Lines was granted an exemption from where the US allowed them to flag a foerign built ship under the US flag. The terms were that once the program stablized they would revitalize the last two US ocean liners, the Independence and the SS United States. Well the program flopped and now the Indy is in Dubai...likely to be scrapped and the SS US is not going to be restored, yet congress ignores this and allows NCL to continue even though they didn't live up to their agreement. They need to be addressing this rather than ignoring a foreign interest thats taking advantage of them, and not working against out AMERICAN Delta Queen and her 100% American crew, not to mention the historic place she holds in AMERICAN History.
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