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I've seen pictures, mostly in old Reflectors, of the wheel being carted off. Always wondered how they got it out of the pilothouse, without cutting out walls, it's a big mother, 10 feet in diameter...the pilotwheel was donated to The Sons and Daughters of Pioneer Riverman in September 1980, but it was replaced with hydraulic many years before that. The wheel had been in storage in New Orleans up to then.

The bow thruster is still diesel, and I can hear it and smell it in my head. I love that smell though I'm not fond of the smell of semi's, go figure...

There is also a stern thruster which I believe is electric and rarely used.

Bob, in a truly ignorant question, does "three chime" mean three separate whistles manifolded and operated together? If not, what does three chime mean? I ask 'cause the present DQ whistle is now just one whistle body. Best whistle on the rivers, but I'm a bit biased...

And I'm gonna add a question or five (I'm counting, Judy)...Was it a good luck thing that there was a star on each end of the paddlewheel shaft? And why/who removed them and when? And why does the MQ and AQ have deck stars and the DQ does not?

Same with all the acorns...somebody explained this to me, but I guess I forgot...what was the symbolic significance of all the turned wood acorns. I suspect it was again for luck, but what is the connection, luck to acorns?

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