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Hi, Phillip! I will try to answer a few of the questions you posed, but we'll have to wait for others to get some of them!
(1) The pilotwheel was removed sometime in the late 50's, I think. It did have a steam assist and had the vertical levers you mention, similar to the BELLE. Mrs. Letha Greene tells about this in her book "Long Live the DELTA QUEEN!"
(2) Yes, she had her original 4 main rudders up until the new hull was put on late 1980's. The monkey rudders (two rudders aft of the wheel) were added in the late 50's or early 60's, and were in addition to the four original main rudders. The 2 and 2 combo was fitted when the new hull was put on. The boat never had a long stern rake, and after the new hull, it is even bluffer. The boat never backed very well, and that was made worse after the new hull.
(3) The bow thruster is diesel, and was installed in 1971, I believe. I was powered by a GM V-8/71 diesel, and I assume it still is.
(4) Yes, that is the original whistle. Capt. Greene toyed with the idea of replacing it early on (and maybe did it), but the one she blows now and has for the majority of her career is the original, a 3-chime Lunkenheimer.

Hopefully someone else with more info. can chime in and embellish this.
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