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Default DELTA QUEEN and AMERICAN QUEEN in Louisville, KY 14, July 2008

Good afternoon all!

Just in from the riverfront at Louisville, KY where things have been hopping since about 9:30pm last night.

The AMERICAN QUEEN was downbound with the Ubberoth family aboard headed to St. Louis, and the DELTA QUEEN upbound headed for Cincinnati, OH. The AQ came in about 9pm and the DQ was landed and crew and pax getting off at about 10pm. A large number of crew of both boats were at a couple of local watering holes in Louisville until almost 2:30am this morning.

As you may have guessed there were several rumors and speculations mentioned. Nothing concrete, so I won't mention them here. It was great to be able to spend a good amount of time with many friends I have not seen since I worked on the boats.

At 12:30 the DELTA QUEEN left the landing with Professer Tony Schwartz at the keyboard of the DQ cally and I will give you the link to the YouTube video I shot (It is bad...but you hear the calliope and the whistles of both boats).

Who knows if this will ever happen again. Here is hoping it will!


YouTube - DELTA QUEEN and AMERICAN QUEEN pass on 14, July 08
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