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Default Steamer CITY OF ST. PAUL

There are two references to the Str. CITY OF ST. PAUL in books from my library. The first is in "Upper Mississippi River History" by Capt. Ron Larson, copyright 1998, on page 73, which also features a photograph of the boat, courtesy of the Winona County Historical Society. Larson's caption for that photo states: "Str. CITY OF ST. PAUL, wood hull, 1866-?, [rebuilt] at La Crosse, WI for LaCrosse and St. Paul Packet Co. 220 x 36 x 6, engines 21's with 7-foot stroke, 3 boilers. The machinery came from Str. MOSES McLILLIAN." The second reference comes from Dr. Bill Petersen's classic "Steamboating on the Upper Mississippi," copyright 1968. On pages 384-5 he writes: "Immense shipments of farm machinery were carried aboard steamboats. The development of agricultural implements is exhibited by the character of farming machinery transported upstream: tools were simple during the [eighteen-] thirties and forties, as manifested by bills of lading, but each decade witnessed an advance . . . The steamboat CANADA passed Dubuque in May 1867 with 264 reapers aboard. Throughout the season the CANADA, the RESERVE, and other craft landed farm implements at Dubuque and other ports. The following year the MOLLY McPIKE, IDA FULTON, CITY OF ST. PAUL, and HAWKEYE STATE left their tribute of mowers, reapers, threshers, plows and other agricultural implements . . . In the fall of each year steamboats carried heavy cargoes of fruit upstream. The apple trade at Dubuque was described as enormous. In the fall of 1869 rousters on the CANADA, CITY OF ST. PAUL, DUBUQUE and LADY PIKE rolled barrel after barrel down the gangplank."

Based on Petersen's research, the CITY OF ST. PAUL was still in service on the UMR in the fall of 1869.
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