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Bruno, you can't count! You had 7 questions in your first question! Bob is probably on duty right now, so I'll answer a few of your '4' questions briefly until he appears with better answers. Yes there is a different license now above BR. Yes, the drawing of the river is no longer required for that, which would tend to make one think it might be 'easier' now than earlier to get license. Yes, there are First Class Pilots working for the company. I'd guess most have it. But the difference would be that in earlier days you had to have First Class for the area you were working in, as Bob pointed out. That is why we had so many different pilots. This discussion is not denegrating today's pilots by any means. But there can be occasions now when someone unfamiliar with an area is steering (can you say EON?) That was not previously the case. As to your second/third question about the Master - they aren't licensed for rivers or piloting. Their license is for the tonnage of vessels they may command. Capt. Ernie Wagner had not one mile of pilot license. He was a true Roof Captain.
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