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Got some questions...Bob, you mentioned that "First Class Pilots" used to be required everywhere the boat went, not just "below Baton Rouge". I take this to mean that the pilots on the boats now have a different license, have taken a different test, or something. I guess I'm confused, could you enlighten me? I'm one of those newer riders and I have had the privilege of getting to know some fine pilots and masters on the DQ, the AQ and the MQ and I sense that the pre-1990's pilots had a tougher time to get where they were than today? I sure hope there isn't the suggestion that today's pilots aren't anything but supermen, my word...could you describe the differences between pre-1990 "First Class Pilots" and today's "Pilots"? Are there any First Class Pilots still working for the company? I guess so to travel below Baton Rouge... Is a First Class Pilot working above Baton Rouge a rarity? And I know that time back it was required during the test for a pilot-to-be to draw the complete river from memory, and that requirement is no longer required? And why aren't first class pilots required above Baton Rouge anymore, what changed?

Second question, I have surmised that the Master of the vessel needs to be in command any time the boat is about to touch something, such as a lock or a landing, and also the departing from that "touch". But underway the pilots are actually "in command" and the Master is free to leave the pilothouse. True? If this is the case, is the master allowed to be in command on a river that he isn't licensed for?

Third question, don't all masters have pilot licenses? Isn't that how they got promoted to being Master by being a pilot previously?

Fourth question, the DQ used to go on the Missouri...How far up the Missouri did she go (Sioux City is the last big stop due to Gavins Point, right?), and why did she stop going on the Missouri? And she went on the Missouri for a very short time?

As always, thanks in advance. Great thread...

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