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Default Foley and Doc's pilot licenses

Great posting Bob. I remember at times waiting at Paducah or Cairo for our next river pilot to arrive. Those weren't the easiest places to get to back then. I do want to add to Bill Foley's description. He was probably the quietest, most humble pilot we ever knew and he was not one to brag about his license. But here it is, and I believe it is more extensive than even Rip Ware's: "First class pilot on the Mississippi River from Cut-off Light Louisiana(mile 88.8 AHP) to Minneapolis Minnesota; Old River and the Atchafalaya River and Basin from the Mississippi River to the Gulf Intracostal Waterway; Gulf Intracoastal Waterway from Harvey, Louisiana lock to High Island Texas; Calcasieu River between Choupique Island and West Lake Louisiana; Houston Ship Channel from Morgan Point to Sinclair Refining Company Docks Houston Texas; Ohio River from its mouth to Millwood West Virginia; Kanawha River from its mouth to Charleston West Virginia; Illinois River and waterway from its mouth to Chicago Illinois(including Chicago River, Drainage Canal and Harbor)." This is on his license Issue 9 Number 10 December 18, 1973 And here is Doc's pilot's license: "First Class Pilot of steam and motor vessels of any gross tons upon the Ohio River from mile 470.3 to Mile 981.0; on the Tennessee River from mile 0.0 to mile 44.2; on the Lower Mississippi River from mile 953.8 to mile 89.5; on the Cumberland River from mile 0.0 to mile 32.8." And another one of our DQ pilots in the '70s was Ray Pritchard who had UMR and the St. Croix River. I think he was the only St. Croix pilot we had, right? I remember going up there 3 times: the first time we went to Hudson and turned around, the second all the way to Stillwater(23 miles) and we turned around, and the third time when Jim Blum was Master we went to Stillwater and made a shore stop. Beautiful country...
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