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What some newer riders of the DQ boats may not realize is that prior to the 1990's, First Class Pilots were required everywhere the boat went, not just below Baton Rouge. One cannot even obtain this license above Baton Rouge nowadays, but prior to the new rule, we had to have pilots who were licensed in their respective areas...just anyone with a Master's license could not take a big inspected vessel anywhere.

Capt. Harry Louden was an Ohio River Pilot, though he did have a bit of mileage on the Tennessee (about 25 miles) and the Monongahela (a couple of miles) in order to take the boat to Kentucky Lake and up to the landing in Pittsburgh. Capt. Art Zimmer was primarily an Upper Mississippi River pilot, though he did also run the DQ on the Ohio and the Illinois, where he had first class license. Zimmer also had license to down to Baton Rouge (but not below!) on the Lower. He did not like to go down there and rarely did. Zimmer's license also went up the Cumberland to Nashville. In 1977, we made a trip to Nashville, and Zimmer was the only pilot they could find who had the proper license. Capt. Tommy Utter had the license, but no radar endoresment, and the USCG would not let him stand a watch because of this, even though both the Master (Chengery) and the Mate (Rainbolt) held radar observer endorsements. Utter made the trip as a guest, more or less.

Below are some of the pilotage routes of the older pilots as I remember them:
C.S. "Rip" Ware: Lower Miss, Upper Miss, Ohio from Cairo to Parkersburg (though he never took the DQ above Cincinnati), Tennessee River. Ware also had license up the Red, Black and Ouachita Rivers to Camden, AR! He had the longest stretch of first class pilot license of any of the pilots on the boat in the 1970's.
Oren Russell: Mississippi from St. Louis to New Orleans and the Ohio from Cairo to Cincinnati.
Walter Karnath: Upper Mississippi. His license went to Cairo, but he never rode below St. Louis.
Bill Foley: Upper MIssissippi
Howard Tate: Mississippi from St. Louis to New Orleans. Tate's license also went up the Ohio as far as Louisville, but he did not like the Ohio and only made one trip above Paducah, to my knowledge. Often we would change pilots at Paducah; Louden getting off and Tate getting on, or vice-versa.
Fontain Johnson: Pittsburgh to New Orleans.
Ted Davisson: Lower Mississippi.
Bobby Powell: Pittsburgh to New Orleans and up to St. Louis on the Upper.
Ed Winford: Lower Miss.
Arthur McArthur: Lower Miss. and up to St. Louis
Charlie Fehlig: Mississippi River (Minneapolis to New Orleans)
Joe Gale: Lower Miss. and Ohio.

I'm sure others will chime in on other pilots I have neglected to metion. Ted, remember Rick Blackman? And Capt. Gilbert Manson used to take the boat down to Fort Jackson as Ted's partner.

The biggest thing for newer folks to understand is that we used to change pilots quite often when moving to new areas of the rivers.
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