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I just read the letter in the WJ today. Mr. Blessey makes some statements that show his ignorance of the issue at hand, and I just have to wonder what "facts" he has been fed by Mr. Oberstar. Blessey states that the DQ would "go down like a rock" if holed, and advocates the building of a "replica vessel made of steel with a compartmentalized hull that meets modern safety standards." He obviously knows nothing about the construction of the DELTA QUEEN. In the first paragraph of his letter, Blessey alludes to the DELTA QUEEN operating as a "seagoing passenger vessel", which she of course is not and never has been. These are the statements that lead me to believe Blessey has been spoon-fed his "facts" by Oberstar. Walter Blessey, while never having worked on a boat (to my knowledge) is smarter than that, and as others have said here, has the respect of a great many people, including the owners of my company who are his direct competitors! We can only hope that he has not sent this same letter or a variation thereof to any other publications. I feel confident that in the Waterways Journal, at least, the truth will come out, and that rather soon. It is other venues that I worry about.

As a person who always looks on the bright side, this letter may just bring about a new blitz of what the DQ is and is not, educating the public and the congress as to the real issue which as we all know is not safety.
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