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Default Don't Call Me Mister...

Like any other friend of the DELTA QUEEN who read Walter "Nobody calls me Mister" Blessey, Jr's letter to the WWJ expressing his difference of opinion with an editorial the weekly river trade mag ran critical to Mr. Oberstar and his opposition to the exemption of the DQ, I was surprised. Obviously, as Blessey said, he is a personal friend of the T&I Chairman and apparently upset about what he considered a personal attack upon his pal. Anyone reading the Blessey letter, and not familiar with the positive attributes of the DELTA QUEEN, might concede that Mr. B posed some good points.

Though I have not met the godfather of the Blessey fleet of petroleum haulers, I am familiar with him through numerous articles in the Journal. WBJ and his company, Blessey Marine Services, Inc, both enjoy the respect and admiration of the river community.

Blessey also admitted that the historic aspects of the river have their place, too, on the inland waters, and I do not believe that he, nor others in the towing industry, harbor a vendetta against the DELTA QUEEN. It is my opinion that Blessey is viewing the QUEEN in much the same light that he would with a piece of older equipment within his own fleet.

If Walter, Jr. truly believes that there is room for, and a real need to preserve the history of the river, then I would love to see a Walter Blessy, Jr. buy the steamboat company and operate it right, if only as a hobby, in the same way his towing company is run, and we might have far fewer concerns for the futures of any of the steamboats in the DQSC fleet.

'Nobody calls me mister.' - Walter E. Blessey Jr. of Blessey Marine Service Inc - Making It - Brief Article - Company Profile | Nation's Business | Find Articles at BNET
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