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Default No Tall Stacks in 2009/2010

Hello Steamboaters,

Saw a news report on local TV last night that event organizers have decided there will be no Tall Stacks in 2009 and possibly no event in 2010 if serious sponsorship doesn't develop. Also mentioned in the news story was the fact that several of the more recent events have lost money, with the City picking up a good portion of the bill for at least one event.

This is sad news but I can certainly understand the financial issues and the challenging logistics of pulling off another event. With diesel prices the way they are it seems like even more of a long shot for the event to happen ever again. Part of the problem I think the event faces is co-existing as a Music Festival and a boat festival. I can also see the event moving to being a Northern Kentucky event only. This would certainly create some logistical issues, but nothing that could be planned out. Raise ticket prices too; I'd pay more just to see the event continue.

If there was to be an event, I don't understand why the event organizers wouldn't want to try to have an event in 2011 to commemorate the 200'th birthday of steamboating. I've already volunteered to be any help I can if there is to ever be another event. How about a boat parade from Pittsburgh to New Orleans with several vessels stopping in all the major towns (ala Grand Excursion).

Captain Alan Bernstein spoke briefly on the news story about the mooring issues faced at the 2006 event when the river decided to jump considerably during the 5 day event. Alan has been involved with Tall Stacks from it's inception and it will be a shame to see such a unique event come to an end. There is certainly other talent that I should not fail to mention that has been involved with this world class event. Just to name a few: our own Cap'n Bill Judd, Reflector editor Cap'n David Smith, Cap'ns Nelson and Charlie Jones, Roseann Hayes, Rick Griewe and many many others.

I guess once we save the DQ we will have to turn our collective efforts into finding a way to save Tall Stacks too.
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