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Clifford just ran into the office, all out of breath, with this tasty information he dug out of the dusty corners of the Rabbit Hash Public Library Rare Book Room, Maritime Collections section:

Type: Sidewheel, wooden hull packet. Size: 398 tons.
Launched: 1855, Cincinnati, OH.
Power: 4. 4 boilers, 40" X 20' each and each having 2 14' flues
After rebuild into CITY of ST. PAUL, 21's-7 ft., 3 boilers,
each 42" X 26'
Destroyed: last known inspection at St. Paul, 1867. Don't know ultimate fate.
Area: 1855, Cincinnati-Louisville
Later, Cincinnati-Memphis into 1860.
1861, Jan., made trip to Pittsburgh with cotton.
1861, Jan., Delivered U.S. Army supplies to Camp Piatt, Kanawha R.
1864, U. Miss. R.
Owner: United States Mail Line
: 1864, Northwestern Union Packet Company
Captain: 1861, William Knight, Pilot, William F. Gregory
At one time, P.S. Davidson
Comments: Mentioned in this Article
: named for Capt. Moses McLellan
: *1862, Madison, Ind, Rebuilt and Renamed CITY of ST. PAUL
: *1866, completely rebuilt, LaCross, Wiss. Renamed CITY of ST. PAUL
: As CITY of ST. PAUL, mentioned in this Article
: *Once declined a race with KEY CITY.
* These conflicting dates and locals are both from Way's Packet Directory.
*Jones Worden's Steamboats and Steamboating Career by Frederick J. Worden
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