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OK, I guess that is my point, and I'll now ask the question directly. Does the Coast Guard "certify" a boat, and if yes, what does that mean? Can they determine that an existing boat is a "fire hazard", and if yes is there anything in the CG's power to do anything about it? If the boat meets current laws (and notice I didn't say anything about codes), isn't that all the CG can look at, as a pass/fail type of thing? And lastly does anybody know if the Coast Guard has voiced any opinion on the passage of the exemption, would they even be allowed to express an opinion? Or as I titled the thread is this all so much made up bull....

I'm not blaming the Coast Guard at all. Their very tough job as I see it is to enforce laws on the books, laws passed to provide safety to the public.

What I see about this article is that the man from Minnesota has had some very strange poetic license with what he is telling the public and he is using the Coast Guard as a crutch. If I was in the CG, I'd be upset.
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