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After watching the video clip of Oberstar's 'report' the hair on the back of my neck stood up at his 'reporting of facts'.

Right or wrong the USCG is a regulatory orgainization which is concerned with RISK ASSESSMENT. Alan Bates, a friend and fine gentleman and expert was in business for himself which reflect his opinion of the facts. He did not have to be concerned with promotion thru the ranks. I agree with Alan on many topics including flamability.

What we have to remember is that there are young men and women in the CG Chain of Command who are charged with overseeing plans & Inspecting Vessels. They have to use data and historical reports at face value. If they are interested in a career they have to use the data to comply with Regulations they did not write or possibly personally agree with at face value. Not in a way that many of us look at the situation.

The Str Delta Queen is PERFECTLY SAFE--we all know that---are you and I going to convince the C G Commandant of that? He (in this case) looks at reports passed up from the districts. Has Majestic America Line (in this case of ownership) had their problems. You bet they have! Is the DQ at fault? NO! Have the three boats had problems, yes.

I thought it was just absolutely silly that Oberstar referred to the Str Sultana (by inference) fire and loss of life in his 'speach'.

We need to convince others in Congress that the exemptions be passed and that the traveling public be given the choice. In Lucerne, Switzerland there is a Celebration this year of a Steam Side wheel boat older than the Delta Queen.
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