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Yes, Mr. Reporter, the Coast Guard has engineers, many of whom are of doubtful competence. One of the U. S. Coast Guard's own engineers, a man named Daniels, wrote a paper on Marine Combustibility in which he said, "Non-combustibility is no panacea [in catastrophic fires]."
To give some idea of the Coast Guard's fear of wood, the commander of the MMT (Merchant Marine Technical) Branch in New Orleans delayed approval of the Natchez drawings for a month, arguing that the wooden parts of the PADDLEWHEEL were a fire hazard! This was sheer incompetence on his part, of course.
The World Trade Towers were non-combustible. They withstood the impacts of heavy airplance, but the ensuing fires brought them down. The fact is, wood survives longer in fires than steel or aluminum, which are non-combustible.
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