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Tomorrow a group of UMR river friends and I will be making a journey to pay our last respects and say our farewell to Capt. Dennis Trone. One of the many gifts of Denny's genius that he bequeathed to the river community came to birth on a November day in 1970 with the launch of the JULIA BELLE SWAIN. What I had nearly forgotten until just this moment as I listened to your song, is that very same month was also supposed to see the last voyage of the DELTA QUEEN. Denny's indomitable spirit and belief in the future of steamboating in America stood in stark contrast to the bleak future that seemed to lie ahead of the legendary Cincinnati sternwheeler. But as we all know, Denny's steamboat masterpiece and the life of the DQ both continued to steam on, bringing joy and delight to thousands of people on this country's inland rivers. And so as once again we fight to preserve our beloved DELTA QUEEN, I can't help but feel that we are now supported in our efforts in a special way by the indomitable spirit, dream, and determination of Capt. Dennis Trone.

Your beautiful song and the amazing talent of Lee Havlik gives eloquent expresion to what is in many of our hearts. May we renew our efforts to save this grand lady of the river, encouraged and upheld by the spirit of Capts. Tom Greene, Ma Greene, Ernie Wagner, Fred Way, C. W. Stoll, and so many others, and now, by our dear friend, Capt. Denny Trone.
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