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Bruno, it all depends on the schedule. They may need to stop for fuel or water (I do not know this for sure), but with the extreme high water, they should be able to "run the willows" a good bit, and make quite good time in places. Another thing they could do, as far as shore stops are concerned, is stop for a short time to drop off tour pax at a spot, then continue on up the river and pick the pax up at another location...been done many times. I will also tell you that there have been several occasions when the DQ never made it to Louisville in time for the race, due to high water. Hope that doesn't happen this year.

You ask if she will pick up speed the further north she gets; probably once she is on the Ohio, if it is not in a flood, she will pick up above Smithland Lock. But, as you say, it is the trip, not the destination!
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