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There are a lot of e-mails flying back and forth about whether the Legendary One is up to this wild and wooly Mississippi River current. My take is that I think she will do OK if the company chooses to eliminate shore stops, ALL shore stops before she turns east into the Ohio. As a rabid DQ groupy, I can only imagine what non-stop Steamboatin' days, over and over, day after day, river going by, paddlewheel making non-stop rainbows would be like, what a dream...Per my calculations, if she can make 4 MPH and makes NO shore stops before Cairo, she'll reach the Ohio in about 9 days. Once in the Ohio, she'll probably do great. So to the company, short tours or no shore tours? And can she make 4 MPH against the current? And does the current settle down the farther North you go?

I will tell you that Oak Alley, St. Francisville, Vicksburg, Helena and Memphis are no longer stops as there is no place to land and tie up, so the sternline telegraph says... Above Memphis, I haven't heard...So, this is better news toward making the Louisville race and better news that the ol' gal will make it up the river. Can she average 4 MPH, and will the company eliminate Natchez and Baton Rouge, I'm not really sure if these are stops on this cruise, I assume Natchez is at least?

My very crossed fingers toward the DQ's captain (good luck B!!), you have Deb's and my prayers. Don't beat her up too bad trying to get there...and Mary, if you are reading, please keep us informed, thanks...

And Daniel, I will tell you with all true sincerity, that even if the shore stops are curtailed a bit, you will have a Wonderful time, the beautiful Delta Queen, her magical crew, great food, the unique entertainment and the friendliest bunch of fellow passengers is the experience. You're still gonna have a ball. As I said earlier, Deb and I would trade places with you in a New York minute. Have a great time, and of course there are a bunch of dot.orgers here salivating to hear your post-cruise report.

But then again, what do I know? (Dale, that is the best line, ever!)
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