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The Mississippi crested today at Cairo, 52.8 ft., almost 13 feet above flood stage. Projected crest at New Orleans is 17.0 ft. on April 22nd, according to NOAA. I think, though, we are in for an extended period of high water, even if there is no more significant rain. The Upper Miss. is in outdraft conditions at all locks (gates all out at most), and the White River (of Missouri & Arkansas) is in a record flood; all its tributary reservoirs are full, as are the Arkansas River tributary reservoirs. The only saving grace is that the Ohio is getting back down to a reasonable level (though still up a bit), but the ground in that valley is saturated, too. More rain will mean another jump. TVA is in the process of filling reservoirs to summer pool levels, so that will hold back some. So, while it may crest soon, it won't go down significantly for quite some time!
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