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Default Ol' Man River flexing his muscles...

Thanks to Judy she pointed me to these pictures and I thought I should pass them on. These pictures are from the Natchez Democrat, and if you've ever been to Natchez I think you'll realize that the water is up a bunch, a whole bunch. Per the sternline telegraph I was told that the only place for the AQ to land on the Lower MR is NOLA, Natchez and Baton Rouge. For those familiar with BR's Paperclip, only the very top tier is dry! I was also told the AQ is only making 4 MPH upbound against the swollen river current.

Keep in mind these pictures were from last Wednesday, I think, and the river is still rising as I type, I don't think the Mississippi is supposed to peak for a few days yet...Good Gawd...

Notice what I perceive as the AQ using the wheel to hold her against the bank, as I assume there is nowhere to tie off.

My prayers and crossed fingers to the Delta Queen leaving NOLA this Friday.


For the AQ photos please see here:

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