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Default A word of caution

I would like to offer some insight from my own experiance concerning Maritime Casualties. I have been involved in more than I had hoped for. One went to a U. S. Coast Guard Hearing and several required my presents in civil courts.
The incidents I was involved in verse what came out in testimony, print, and media were portrayed completely different. Many statements made in an intended positive light were later used (Twisted) into a different meaning.
Few if any media really understands the workings of the Marine Industry. People, just like the media, want to get "the real story" out. These are often well intended actions which will later come back to haunt the situation.
The media handeling of the Exxon Valdez is a classic example of writing perception before fact, or misconstruing statements and facts to fit the desired impression.
I am not the moderator of this board and am most likely over steping my bounds here but I am asking all on this board to review your posting about marine casualties and questions of vessel safety ( a passionate topic on here) to see how somethings said to offer strenght to a point of view could be turned to cause harm to the very subject you are trying to assist.
We do not know who reads this board or for what reason. I know I would rather believe that it's just a group of people who are really into the river, history, and steamboats. Unfortunately, the reality is there may be a few looking to advance there own point of view using the very words posted here intended for support of a cause.
I think those of you who know me, know me well enough to know I would not promote "PC" only posting requirment. I do however feel that the subject of the possible outcome of marine casualties involving vessels currently in service should be approched with great care.
I hope that I have not stepped on anyones toes with this. It was not my intent. However my personal experiance has caused both myself and others harm which could have been prevented with some forethought.
I am open to any comment others may have about this posting. Either on .org or directly at HateIndy.
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