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Hi, Lexie & steamboating colleagues:
Yes, this proposal came up in the past and there were discussions RE: the plan, merits, costs, limitations. Alan Bates provided some keen insights from his position as a designer. Personally...and this is PERSONAL...I find the proposal interesting but a tad lacking in specifics beyond their web 'prospectus.' I'm more than leery when I read these plans but see no graphics, plans of the vessel itself. Since I don't have that kind of money, it really doesn't matter on my part.

Quite a long time ago I posted here about a similar plan for 'condos' on the superliner SS UNITED STATES. Back in the mid 1970s a company out of Seattle contacted me with a proposal to enter their sales and promotional activies for the ship based on the 'condo' concept [I still have those plans and documents in my files here]. In short, I looked it over carefully and responded with a polite letter spelling out my concerns with a nice, 'No thank you.' Oh, I would have been retained also with a $$ % of the future sales with all expenses covered for me. Again, the plan for the SS UNITED STATES was long on promises and luxury but short on actual designs with any photos or graphics. An artist rendered many svelt, beautifully dressed men and women holding champagne glasses looking wistfully over the sea and exotic ports of call. The suite plans were 'artist renderings.' At that time the U.S. Internal Revenue got 'interested' in the ship plans died aborning. I was cautious to the point of suspicious at the time. I note in the 'RIVER CITIES' concept the additional costs the potential purchaser would be hit with--far above and beyond that of present condo owners. No doubt this includes fuel, crew, maintenance, repairs and, no doubt, additional 'tips & taxes' etc. If any of you have ever been on a yacht even as a guest you'll learn quickly what the 'add ons' can run you. As J.P. Morgan said to a young executive in his financial empire who was admiring his latest ocean steam yacht, "Son, if you have to ask how much it costs, then you can't afford it." OUCH!

Last month, off the coast of South America aboard ship, the blue water version of the condo/time share vessel docked at the same pier we were tied to. It was beautiful, impressive, gleaming and from what I saw costs millions with condo 'homes' aboard being individually designed according to the architectural style of the owners. Apparently, at this date, the ship is running but only time will tell. I believe Carmen and Franz could add more to a similar concept design for European river vessels lately advertised. Well, what do I know? I do know what I can't afford.

R. Dale Flick
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