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Tom-My earliest recollection of seeing a sternwheel boat was the Chickasaw as I mentioned in the earlier posting. I was too young to know the difference between steam, gas or Shinola in those days. The boat was always pushing gravel barges so I would assume that it had tow knees. The last time I saw the boat was when it was in the weeds on the bank at Tell City. There was still a marina operating there that was owned by the Fischer family. My interest in steamboats was not all that strong until the early 1970ís so I figure the boat was there with a cabin and pilot wheel intact around 1973-74. I thought to myself at the time that it was just going to rot away completely but I was afraid the Fischer family may have had a purpose for it since it sat on the bank in front of their marina. I left it alone and did not go to jail.
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