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The hull of the steam towboat EDITH NUGENT was on the bank at Tell City into the 1960's. When the BELLE OF LOUISVILLE stopped there while on a tramp trip, chief engineer Dave Crecelius "liberated" some Van Duzen syphons from the beached hull for use on the BELLE. The EDITH NUGENT (of Nugent Sand Company here in Louisville) was not a large sternwheel steamboat and was dismantled at Tell City. Bert Fenn had her pilotwheel which is now at the historical society's museum there, courtesy of Mary Fenn. I remember a rather dilapidated diesel sternwheel towboat tied up at the Tell City waterfront in the fall of 1976 that belonged to Morris Carlock. I don't recall any nameboards on it, but will check some slides I took at the time. It could well be that this is the hull to which you are referring.

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