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Today's boilers, in most applications, are kept hot all the time. With the water treatment, there is no need to physically clean a boiler on a regular basis, and in most facilities, that would be out of the question. Factories, for instance, are usually 24/7. And, as you know, most of our favorite contemporary steamboats are kept hot during the operating season. It takes a long time to cool down a humongous boiler and then fire it back up and get it on line, and time is money. It is also inconvenient. They are like air in some situations, something you don't want to do without for long. We cool ours down every day, but it doesn't get that "cool" from one day to the next. Even without a fire for several hours, the water is hot enough to scald you. It is stressful to cool down and fire up frequently, but today's steel can handle it. If the water is really cold, you might want to take your time, getting everything hot gradually. We do hear popping sounds as the steel expands, but that is normal.
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