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Default A JEE Story About Boilers

A picture of Capt. J. Emory Edgington hangs in my pilothouse on the GV2. Although my exposure to that sage 19th Century riverman was not as often as Cap'n Hawley's, I did spend every moment with him I could on the AVALON.

A story he told concerning steamboat boilers was that there was a fellow on a certain steamboat, sometime before the turn of two centuries ago, who was especially hateful and therefore despised by most of the crew. So much so that when he was working in a boiler on "cleaning day", he was shut up inside, the water pumped up, and the fires lit.

"There was nothing left next time the boiler was opened a week later. Not even a bone."

JEE was just a young lad on the steamboat and had no participation in the foul deed, but whenever the AVALON was laid-up for cleaning boilers, it always brought back the memory and consequently the retelling of the tale.
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