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Str. J.C. RAWN explosion, Dec. 7, 1939:
Hi, Bill:
Thanks for not only shedding light on the 'airplane photographing the explosion' story but for adding the J.C. RAWN to the list of casualties. I'd plumb forgotten about her. Capt. Fred Way had lots to write about her in his STEAM TOWBOAT DIRECTORY Entry No. T1236. RAWN exploded two boilers killing three men. The RAWN, according to Fred, ran aground twice and, like the celebrated packet VIRGINIA, was twice floated out by building earth works etc. to aid the process. Sounds like something of a 'bad luck lady.'

*A 'shy lurker' on the web E=Mailed asking why they wanted to steam the DELTA KING out of San Francisco and up to Sacramento? Well, the big maritime strike was going on and on with the KING laid at the pier in San Francisco--and salt water. The QUEEN was already docked in Sacramento. The company officials, in tandem with Jim Burns etc. wanted her out of town, away from any potential danger, and free of the rapidly growning barnacles on her hull. John Burns on the boilers, his dad Jim on the engines and throttle, and a skeleton crew composed of the captain and a few others, formed a plan and casually slipped aboard to steal away.

R. Dale Flick
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