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Str. SAM P. SUIT, May 9, 1937:
Jo Ann;
*The steam towboat SAM P. SUIT, exploded a boiler here in Cincinnati [*WAY'S STEAM TOWBOAT DIRECTORY Entry No. T2248]. Veteran Emory Edgington was master and Clyde Morrow pilot. It was some big BANG! here at the time heard by members of my family up the hill at their home. Lumber/debris shot up in the air and rained down on the water. Emory Edgington was reported to be visiting the boat's lavatory when a porcelain skin shot up in the air in front of his face. She was rebuilt but sank in ice Feb. 13, 1948 at Hungtington, W. Va. and destroyed in the ice. I remember that big ice gorge being led by my dad out on the ice near Coal Haven Landing to see another steam towboat frozen in solid. I 'think' it was the VICTORY but will check with my 91 year old mother. Anyway, they had steam up and the cook tossed out a bucket of food scraps that landed on the ice. Things we remember.

*The famed packet SENATOR CORDILL [WAY'S PACKET DIRECTORY Entry No. 3080] exploded her main throttle at Pt. Pleasant, W. Va., March 2, 1928, killing three men--two engineers and a boiler maker. Attributed to a 'cold hammer' in the steam line. My grandmother's brother was there when it happened describing the men as "boiled like chickens."

*The steam towboat JOE COOK [WAY'S STEAM TOWBOAT DIRECTORY Entry No. T1384] exploded a boiler April 1, 1947 at Ravenswood, W. Va. killing three. This also just after boiler work when raising steam. I 'thought' I heard some story that a plane was flying low taking pictures of the river at the time and caught the whole thing just as it happened. Locals around here recall the COOK as always "scapin' hard and sharp." Can some poster/lurker with a longer memory confirm this story about the explosion being caught on film? Hope this helps a little.

R. Dale Flick
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